Rewards of Being Friendly: Airport Food Edition

Here at Under the Jet Bridge we all love food. Mike can tell you all about ethnic food such as chocolate from Japan infused with tea leaves; Grant can recite every type of coffee bean ever grown; and I (Brandon) know a thing or two about eating healthy. We all usually bring our lunch/dinner to work but occasionally we like to experience what the airport has to offer (which really means we were too lazy to pack something before coming in.)

Eating at the airport isn’t always bad. The three of us have found items on each of the restaurant’s menus that are actually pretty tasty, but always expensive. It’s a rule of thumb that no matter where you go (at least at our airport) you are going to pay $10+. Unless it’s Starbucks. Everyone also knows (airline employee or not) that the people who work at the food establishments can be a little unfriendly. Take this into consideration: how would you feel if you were under paid, worked long hours, then had to deal with oblivious passengers all day?

For the past couple of weeks we have been performing a little experiment with the people that work at our local establishments.

The Experiment: Be ridiculously friendly with the workers who run the food joints.

The Purpose: To Brighten the day of everyone at the airport. Also know as, receiving free food.

The Outcome: Surprisingly enough, this actually works! Nothing big but enough to matter. Things like, getting a Grande coffee for the price of a Tall, free chips and salsa with your meal, and even an free doughnut with your morning coffee!

Next time you’re your flying try it out. Talk to them. Ask them how their day is going and when they say “not so good” apologize on the behalf of all of the dumb travelers they saw before you. Get on their side and make it seem like you are on their team. It’s not always going to work, but when it does it’s rewarding for the both of you.


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