Missouri Hair of the Dog (it’s about drinking)

I have friends who are nervous fliers. I also have had one too many the night before, but rarely, if ever, have I zombied through TSA checkpoint at 4 a.m., found my gate for the 6 o’clock departure and thought, ‘damn, I could really use a beer.’

It’s slightly old news, but it’s news nonetheless. But now people flying out of Lambert-St. Louis international airport can enjoy a drink before their 6 a.m. departure to either Dallas, Newark, JFK, O’hare of Atlanta (if you’re going any place else you’re not making a connecting flight and you’re not leaving, willingly, at 6 a.m.) It’s not big news, nor great news, and their are other airports in the U.S. that allow drinks in the morning. But it’s interesting because of the rationale behind (if any).

Is this new agreement for the passenger’s sake? Or maybe it’s economically sound to bring in a couple of more employees for the morning shift. It is, after all, a HMShost airport. However there seems to be hardly any stipulation on rationale behind this. A quick view of the local media outlets all spout the same thing: you can now drink starting at 4 a.m. at Lambert-St. Louis (Brandon just flew through there and said you’d need alcohol to handle the terrible Starbucks service).

My Financial World gives a good long piece about people flying from the East Terminal (primarily all Southwest flights with a couple regional flights) but Topix and local News Channel 4 are vague.

Again, it’s not CrankyFlier newsworthy, nor is it Airline Reporter worthy (two airline writers that we here at Under the Jet Bridge owe so much material to) but it’s interesting to consider. Booze is one portion of our lives that many people can talk about. It’s the sports team that everyone has an opinion on and the greatest thing is, there really aren’t that many sports teams to follow. Even if you abstain from drinking, you can talk about why you don’t drink. It’s a universal topic which makes it news worthy, right?

Is it necessary to cut off the hangover early in the morning? Or should you be required to suffer until drinks are served on the plane? Add two parts bourbon, a splash of dark port and a handful of Californian raisins. Serve in a low-ball with ice and I’ll see you in the exit row because I want to stretch my legs.



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