Travel Taste Good

It amazes and upsets me how much I see people eat the same thing they eat every day when traveling. Traveling and food have been a part of my life ever since I could remember. Not only did it enlighten me about different cultures, but it also showed me how powerful, meaningful and memorable a simple meal can be. Food is culture – it could make the trip as memorable as the sight-seeing you plan on doing.

See what the favorite local cuisine is, if it is seafood, and you  don’t like seafood, then find your favorite chicken dish, but don’t you go running to your favorite fast-food, $.99 chicken sandwich. Granted, Daniel Pink may have a point, but run to your favorite fast-food restaurant after a long night of hitting the disco’s in Spain, it’s taste better and be slightly less memorable. Then, after you’re sober, look for the Twice-Marinated Chicken Skewers on a Bed of Rice with a Sautéed Vegetable Medley. Don’t order the #6 (remember drunk food) order the Gigot d’Agneau Romain (Roast leg of lamb with rosemary and honey). I know what you’re thinking… ‘But, Mike, I don’t wanna spend that type of money for a damn meal,’ and I’m with you! Actually I’m not really with you but I’m surprised you know my name and that makes me happy.

Lord knows I like to hold on to my cash tighter than a sexist joke that you can only tell around the boys and that one cool girl who is actually offended but wants to fit in. But guys, sexism is exclusive and we’re not about that. And, damn it, you know what? I also sometimes like my food the same way I like my ride to work, fast and cheap. (Ha, I almost did it again but I refrained, everyone can refrain) But it’s a trip, a vacation, a getaway, an experience, an escape! Just search carefully and you will find a plethora of affordable, authentic, unforgettable meals. Ladies and gents, travel tastes good, sometimes gritty and sweaty like you haven’t showered for weeks and have been living in hostels. And, you know what they say, sex is great, but a braised lamb shank and a bottle of wine are better. I’ve never heard anyone say that but I’m going to start saying it because it makes me giggle.


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