The Determination of the Average Blogger (tribute)

Originally, we started discussing Under the Jet Bridge as a book. We were going to put ideas on travel, tips and baggage nonsense. We were sitting under — er — probably on top of a jet bridge and enjoying those cheap little flavored ice tubes. As the idea was growing Mike says:

“I just want to tell people. I just want to let them know about how to act in an airport.”
“Yeah I know,” Brandon started. “I listened to this guy literally yelling at a gate agent because of weather issues. I think he was foreign.”
“Maybe he didn’t understand.”

This is how most of our conversations end, ‘meh.’ It’s worthwhile to think about but it’s not worthwhile to pursue any further. For some reason this particular day resounded with, well silliness. With horrible supervisors, hot weather, huge bags and disruptive people. The idea lay dormant, until we finally agreed to try a blog, try writing just about the nonsense we witness daily.Not specifically about us. Not a travel blog and not to pretend we know a lot about everything (we don’t). Just to write about this.

The idea was fashioned more like a Lewis Black rant. Let’s find something that irritates one of us, get mad about it and write gobs of comments latent with profanity.

It’s been over a month. We’ve scrounged around with full time jobs, trying to be students and working around our general depravity and we’ve come to a conclusion:

This is tough.

Only now we’re starting to realize that not only is there a huge amount of writing and research for creating a blog. There’s a huge amount of planning ahead. Like, ‘keep this in mind so you can write about it.’ There is tons of ‘come up with something creative’ and ‘talk to people who you want to pay attention to you without selling out.’

The problem is you can always, ALWAYS do more. You could talk to more people, you could comment on more things, tweet more, make more friends, pay closer attention to what they say. Watch news articles with more vigor and have more opinions.

Don’t worry, we have more. We’ve recharged our batteries. But we feel like we need to pay forward a little, and bring a little good measure so here’s a huge thanks to our supporters so far. Especially Heather Poole, the wonderful Flight Attendant who just keeps boosting our egos. Russell Working, the insight in writing give us hope. And, naturally there’s a huge group of travel writers who hold blogging to the utmost regard: Ava Apollo, Johnny Jet, Tiny Girl, and finally Further Bound thanks for living out our dream!

You guys are determined, we appreciate that 🙂


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