Bag Tags in the Tip Jar

We’re just full of great information. Granted most of it is too long to read, these are the summarized versions. Take them, leave them, talk with your barista about them, but if you have one you better leave it in the jar to, you know, share the wealth.

Secret (Travel) Agent Man

  1. Buy your Travel Agent locally. It’s good for the earth

Rules of (or Ruling) the People Mover

  1. It’s not a ride, so don’t stand in the middle of the aisle.
  2. Be cautious of others (this includes stepping to the side)
  3. Walk

The Baggage Imperatives

  1. You could pay me to care, but you don’t. Someone, somewhere, will throw your bag.
  2. Objectify your luggage like someone at a bar.
  3. Those bags which are lightest, get treated the nicest.
  4. Your bag will touch Purgatory before it’s over. They’re going to get gross.
  5. Just because of rule #5, don’t skinch on your bag, a little more goes a long way.
  6. Your bags love you, give love back.

One comment

  1. sunrisesatsea

    On the Secret (Travel) Agent Man: Way to go G. Thanks for the good thoughts and recommendations.
    Still need some assist on this Blog thing though. Be in touch. PS the public and myself thank you for the Bag stuff. K

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