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Tasteful. Eclectic. Maybe slightly endearing. Maybe.

There are three of us. We’re each in that twenty something range and we work for a small airline that’s snuggled up with the other legacy airlines. Legacy airlines are, of course, the big dogs of the air travel industry: American Airlines, United, Delta etc. We’re here to bring gusto and flair and a little interest back to air travel. We’re here to help make the trip easier, more entertaining, maybe even with a small amount of etiquette.

Our perspective is unique but not simple. We, collectively, never experienced the “Golden Age” of air travel. Peanuts and pretzels are all we know. Meaning that we’re not going to compare old to new, only worse to better. We’ll probably even argue a little between ourselves. But in the end, you can expect some class and maybe some rhyme to our reason. Never stepped off a jet bridge before? Step out of the sun and have a chat with us.